Good business is based on cooperation and it is important for us to be where the action is. Socializing in different constellations of people is developmental for everybody – for you as our customer and business partner, for us as a firm and for our co-workers.

This is why we have several well-established partnerships in various disciplines and why we are part of several national and international networks.




Moll Wendén cooperates with Invest in Skåne by providing advice and qualified legal services to companies wishing to establish in Sweden. This applies both to companies that set up here through acquisition of existing Swedish operations and those who start up a whole new unit. Moreover, initial advice is given free.

Invest in Skåne is part of the Business Region Skåne marketing group which is owned by Region Skåne (85%) and Skåne’s municipalities (15%). Invest in Skåne is commissioned to attract foreign investments to the region as well as promote export and the internationalisation of companies in Skåne. The goal is to strengthen the business community of Skåne and the competitiveness of its companies in the world.



As a partner, Moll Wendén has long been responsible for the business legal aspects of the transactions performed by Lars Weibull. Acquisition and mergers are an area that demands specialist knowledge and Lars Weibull and Moll Wendén together form a very experienced and professional duo that gives costumers the security they need during the process.

Lars Weibull AB is an experienced business broker and works to create business relationships between companies. Lars Weibull manages and is responsible for the sales process in medium-sized corporate transactions and in recent years has completed over 150 transactions. Lars Weibull AB has offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg.





Moll Wendén is a network partner for Medeon, and through our cooperation we offer advice and assistance on qualified legal matters to small and large companies at Medeon. Moreover, the initial advice is free.

We have worked together since the end of the 1990s and today we have a dozen or so customers among Medeon companies. Many of the relations are long standing.

Medeon Science Park is a research park for companies in Life Sciences. The focus is on knowledge-intensive companies within pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and healthcare.





Moll Wendén is a partner of Rapidus and host to a number of breakfast and after-work meetings held each year on Moll Wendén’s premises. Rapidus arranges interviews with influential personalities from the business world. The meetings are open to their subscribers and our customers.

Rapidus is a high-quality news service that monitors strong growth sectors in Skåne and on Själland, with an emphasis on Copenhagen and the Malmö/Lund area. The content consists of fast-moving, succinct email newsletters of a totally exclusive nature.




EFL (Executive Foundation Lund)

As an education provider, EFL has a unique platform based on its collaboration with 80 member organizations, which provide input and dialogue on strategic needs and challenges. With this data, we can help you meet and connect with companies that have similar challenges and would benefit from knowledge sharing and collaboration.




Scandinavian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

SGLCC is a platform for meetings and business development for HBT-owned companies, netvorks and multinational business.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden

Tha Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden is a private knowledge organization that offer our members a range of services including international trade support, networking events, seminars and training within a wide range of topics, business advice and lobbying on behalf of our members.



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Årets tekniker 2018


Technology is very human. To illustrate this the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Moll Wendén and nine other companies, has instituted the Technician of the Year award.

The prize is awarded to a technician who through his/her work contributes to the development of society at the same as he/she inspires future technicians. For example, it can be by creating a better environment, more jobs, improved quality of life or a revolutionary invention. Contributing to society is fully in line with Moll Wendén’s business idea – creating the best conditions for our customers to do good business with the right legal advice.



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