About us


We specialise in business law. Practising business law means producing the best business solution for the customer. The optimal solution is not only the best business solution, it is also a solution which has been reached with the highest possible cost efficiency.

At Moll Wendén we create such optimal solutions. We understand our customers and their needs and adapt the assignment accordingly. By combining various specialist skills with our long experience, we can identify the essentials in every assignment, focus on these and help our customers stay ahead. In this way we do not waste time and resources that do not benefit the customer’s business. We deliver with great commitment, high accessibility and against short deadlines.

This is the way we work and continuously win awards for: proactive with a clear offer. Simply put, a modern law firm.

We call it Business Law Excellence.


With our strategic approach, in-depth commitment and understanding for each individual customer situation, the start-up period is never long or costly. Our customers should always feel that we are on board, well read and ready to directly solve the problems that arise in the business. We are therefore regarded as a strategic business partner – even if we actually have our own office.

Among our customers are many large corporations with international organisations. We are there to help wherever they do business. We have close cooperation with many leading law firms around the world, which is why we can always provide the customer with optimal advice even in the international arena.

Partnership is in our DNA and therefore forms the basis of our ownership model. With our combined expert knowledge, we can always create greater value for the customer than what an individual lawyer can. Every assignment is our common responsibility. This is true partnership.