For many years our co-workers were active in the Lagerlöf & Leman law firm. At Lagerlöf & Leman they saw the trend towards an ever-increasing international business and transaction landscape at an early stage. They therefore established close cooperation with a number of leading European laws firms with operations around the world. Several years later this international ambition was completed through a merger with one of the world’s largest law firms – Linklaters in England.

Moll Wendén Law Firm was founded in 2003 through a takeover of Linklaters’ business in Malmö and since then we have tripled turnover and the number of employees. Growth has been organic as well as through lateral recruitment of partners and employees from interesting specialist areas.

Our success is a result of our history and our approach. A modern and flexible law firm born out of a large firm environment and with a strong international character.


We are in the Teschska Palace; one of Malmö’s most well known buildings. The palace with its five and a half floors was built by pharmacist John Tesch in German Renaissance style, with a façade made entirely of natural stone. The building was completed in 1897 and housed one of the largest pharmacies in Europe. The palace became a monument to the entrepreneurial spirit that prevailed in Malmo in the late 1800s. And we are proud to be here to help entrepreneurs and companies of the 21st century do better business.