Moll Wendén: Sustain!

Moll Wendén has decided to invest more in sustainability and has in 2019 launched a commitment to a more sustainable society.

What is “Moll Wendén: Sustain!”?

“Moll Wendén: Sustain!” is a collective name for the lawfirm’s sustainability initiatives. Moll Wendén has a long tradition of working with non-profit projects for various good causes. In 2019, the lawfirm will develop this area to contribute to a more sustainable society.

We start with Agenda 2030

All UN member states have signed Agenda 2030, which aims to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices in the world, promote peace and justice and solve the climate crisis by 2030. Through 17 global sustainability goals, the world must achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability in 2030.

Agenda 2030 is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development ever adopted. Achieving these goals requires broad participation from civil society, where businesses and industries has a clear and important role to play.

Agenda 2030 is the starting point for the investments made within the framework of “Moll Wendén: Sustain!”.

Our sustainability plans for 2019

In addition to working more with sustainably day-to-day, Moll Wendén has, in 2019 together with NU: Nolla Utanförskapet, opened a homework workshop in our office for young people from exposed areas in Malmö. The agency will also take on more pro bono assignments for charities working with sustainability issues and start-up companies whose business concept is pervaded by sustainable development. Moll Wendén will also organize an event to inspire other companies to actively work more with these issues.

Environmental policy

Moll Wendén has a conscious ambition to take environmental considerations and prioritize sustainable development. Moll Wendén’s environmental work is based on a successive environmental adaptation within the business. Small everyday environmental acts as well as major changes, are important. The sum of all activities will lead Moll Wendén’s environmental work forward and bring continuous improvements.


For more information about Moll Wendéns sustainability work please contact: Elisabeth André, Ulrica Dahlberg, Louise Strömberg or Stephanie Stensson.

As a part of our sustainability work we sponsor:

Team Rynkeby Malmö

Moll Wendén is proud sponsor of Team Rynkeby, which with its dedicated cyclists helps to advance research in children’s cancer. Team Rynkeby is Europe’s largest charity cycling team that started in Denmark in 2002 with 11 cyclists and is now up to 2100 cyclists who are literally cycling in the fight against childhood cancer. After almost a year of training and fundraising, they cycle to Paris and donate the money to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. We hope that our sponsorship can both inspire others to help and contribute to the important research in childhood cancer.

Aktiv Skola

The foundation focuses on the areas of drugs, grooming, health, the environment and bullying. If we want to create a better school, it is not possible to disregard these areas that are connected with the students’ opportunities for a positive development. The foundation offers free training material for all schools in Sweden.

August No Stress Surf Café

Where are you going to eat your lunch today? If you are in Malmö you may want to try August No Stress Surf Café? The café, which is filled with great atmosphere, lots of love and a clear surfing theme, offers August and other people with disabilities a chance to get a foot in the labor market. We at Moll Wendén are proud sponsors.

NU: Nolla utanförskapet

NU: organizes homework workshops with different directions that are held at selected companies. The workshops are aimed to students who live in exposed areas or who come from an exposed home environment.

“Technician of the year” (Årets tekniker)

The prize “Technician of the year” goes to a technician who, through his work, contributes to the development of society at the same time as he / she inspires the techniques of the future. It can, for example, be it by creating a better environment, more jobs, increased quality of life or a revolutionary invention.