The situation on the labour market is constantly changing, posing a great challenge for all employers. Globalisation is causing many employers to think in new ways, search for greater flexibility in their workforce and benefit from a Europe without borders.

Many exciting opportunities arise in this area for our specialist teams. We act as a sounding board for HR departments and management in all conceivable labour law issues, whether or not there is a collective agreement. Labour disputes and co-determination negotiations belong to our everyday work.

And when employers need new tools to meet the constantly increasing demands within HR, we provide firm support. Moreover, we are frequently hired as lecturers on customised corporate training courses.

Fast track for labour migration

The Swedish Migration Board has decided to make Moll Wendén law firm a “certified employer”. This means that we can now provide a fast track for our clients when applying for labour migration. A normal process for an application for labour migration for a company can take up to 12 months but after completing a special survey, the fast track process can be used. The process is then only 10-20 days. For those who hire staff from countries outside Europe, this can save a lot of time.

Fast track for labor migration with new certification by the Swedish Migration Board

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  • Collective bargaining, incentive programmes and personnel policy
  • Negotiations with unions and employees
  • Business transfers, outsourcing and reorganisation
  • Risk management during due diligence and contract drafting
  • Litigation in labour courts
  • Trade secrets and loyalty issues
  • Customised training
  • Redundancies
  • Discrimination, harassment
  • Working environment
  • Cross-border employment issues
  • Fast track for labor migration

"The joy of leaving a relieved customer after a completed negotiation is priceless"

"Never describe a problem without suggesting a solution at the same time"