10 Million SEK in Risk capital to Zaplox – MOLL WENDÉN legal advisor to the founder

Industrifonden and LMK Venture are investing a total of SEK 10 million in Zaplox, which is developing a system to remotely control door locks through a mobile phone. The money will be used to prepare the company for expansion and further develop Zaplox’s products and services based on mobile keys. MOLL WENDÉN was the founders’ external legal advisor in the process.

Zaplox, which was founded in 2010 at Ideon in Lund, has developed and patented a system for locking or unlocking doors using a mobile phone. The system replaces everyday door keys and works with any mobile phone. It does not require any special phone functions, since it uses the standard mobile network to communicate with the lock.

The Zaplox system locks or unlocks doors remotely, which offers an array of exciting, new opportunities. The system makes it possible to give a plumber or other workers mobile keys for specific times, for example, if a security system sounds an alarm. Hotel guests can receive their room keys without having to stand in line to check in and parents can be notified via a text message when their children arrive home from school.

The capital will among other things being used for their first customer-installation, according to the news service Rapidus.

Zaplox with its roots in Mobile Heights Business Center has six employees. The company has been up and running for a little more than a year. The business has previously been financed by capital from the founders themselves as well as loans from Almi and Innovationsbron.

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