ÅF acquires ES-Konsult

Photo courtesy of www.weibull.se

ES-Konsult offers expertise to Swedish and international nuclear power customers. Its expertise is mainly within the fields of security analysis, safety audits, human factors, education and project management. Vattenfall, OKB as well as SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company), SS (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority) and KSU (Kärnsäkerhet och Utbildning) are just some of ES-Konsult’s customers. The company has 56 employees and has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In 2013, ES had a turnover of around 70 million SEK, with high profitability.

ÅF has, prior to the acquisition, more than 500 consultants and experts active at nuclear power customers in Sweden as well as internationally. ÅF and ES has a history of collaboration in past years, among others at Ringhals nuclear power station, within ÅF Academy as well as in projects for new nuclear power projects in Brasil.

”Experts, members of the business community and consultants within ES possess unique competence in various fields, among others nuclear safety. Furthermore, ES has long experience of the nuclear power industry and is greatly appreciated by its customers. As a result of the merger with ES, we will broaden our array of services that will further strengthen our expertise within the area of decommissioning, for instance” says Per Magnusson, head of the Industry division at ÅF.

Lars Weibull AB, through project leader Anders Lorentzon, represented the sellers in the deal. Moll Wenden, through Anders Steén, represented the sellers in legal issues.

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