Ahlsell acquires Hjelmbergs Järn AB

Image courtesy of www.ahlsell.se

Ahlsell has agreed to acquire Hjelmbergs Järn AB. Hjelmbergs Järn AB has been represented by Moll Wendén through attorney and partner Anders Steén.

Hjelmbergs is a local whole sale company with presence in Karlshamn. The company sells a wide assortment of tools, machinery, protective gear, supplies and steel. It has a turnover of around 55 million SEK. Ahlsell has had presence in Karlshamn prior to the acquisition. Through the acquisition, Ahlsell strengthens its position and raises its profile in the region, thus creating new possibilities of developing the supplies available to both Ahlsell’s and Hjelmbergs’s customers.

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Contact details:
Anders Steén, attorney and partner at Moll Wendén
+46 70 326 65 10, anders.steen@mollwenden.se