Change-of-generation in a new way

Moll Wendén organises an exciting breakfast meeting regarding the transition of ownership from one generation to the next together with the company D’cision on Thursday May 22th. A transition of ownership of a company to the next generation is almost always attached with big and complicated decisions. Legal and financial aspects are often mixed with emotions, visions and expectations. The toughest decisions are those emotionally affecting the people involved – consequently focus tends to be on economic and tax questions instead since these are countable and measurable . D’cision starts at the other end.

D’cision analyses how the older and younger generation wants to develop the company. Thereafter, consideration is being made regarding which competence and which crew that needs to be put in place to reach the common goal for the company’s position in 2-3 years in time. When starting the process like that, it is easier to continue the process with the economic and legal questions. A structured process for generational change.

Registration to the seminar can be made on this link: Registration to Breakfast meeting

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