He is Technologist of the Year, 2014

The winner of this year’s edition of Technologist of the Year is the CEO of Orbital Systems, Mehrdad Madjoubi. To provide clean water to a growing population is an important issue and a big challenge in many countries around the world. Orbital’s showers reduces the water and energy required without any decrease in hygiene or water quality. The showers of Orbital System uses 90 % less water and 80 % less energy than ordinary showers.

The jury:

Mehrdad Madjoubi has developed an innovative business idea that benefits the environment, the climate and the economy. The product aims to create an efficient but sustainable society and will make a difference for people in the future. Already at this point, several jobs have been created. The technological innovation has a potential that spans beyond the borders of Sweden, which strengthens the perception of Sweden as a country of innovation. Considering this, the jury names Mehrdad Madjoubi Technologist of the Year, 2014.

– Technology helps individuals in many situations, but the question is if this year’s winner and his invention rather should be considered an aid to the entire humanity. Environmental technology that may end excess use of resources in the fortunate parts of the world and at the same time make an effective use of resources possible in other parts of the world, has a huge and global effect. I would say that Orbital Systems has the technology that the world simply cannot afford to decline, says David Klose, partner at Moll Wendén.

The Technologist of the Year Award aims to highlight the importance of technology for people and society. Innovative ways of thinking and brave people with new ideas and technical solutions are necessary for us to be able to compete on a global arena. This award promotes good examples.

There are awards for leaders, economists and innovators, but we do not often show our appreciation for technologists. There are studies that show that by 2030 there will be a deficit of more than 50 000 engineers. We hope that the Technologist of the Year award will benefit technologists and hopefully also create an interest in technology, and thereby contribute to strengthening Sweden’s long term competitiveness, says Kerstin Lindell, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden.

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Read more about the award winning space shower on www.orbital-systems.com

About the Award

The Award was founded in 2014 and aims to emphasise the importance of technology and to award a person that has shown that technology may make a difference and contribute to positive changes for people. In addition to the Chamber of Commerce and Moll Wendén, the award is supported by Alfa Laval, Bona AB, Chefspoolen, Deloitte, HMS, Ny Teknik, SEB and Trelleborg AB.

The winner is determined through nominations and receives a SEK 50 000 scholarship and a CSR check on the same amount to give to a project, of his/her choice, that supports youths and education. The award ceremony is held in Malmö Börshus on 27 November in connection with the Chamber of Commerce’s autumn meeting.