Industrifonden invests in Barista

Industrifonden invests SEK 11 million in the coffee chain Barista Fair Trade Coffee, the first Scandinavian ethical coffee chain. The emission amounts to SEK 22 Million and includes a number of private investors. The investment will be used to expand Barista’s business.

Barista was founded in Malmö 2006 and owns 18 coffee shops in seven different cities around Sweden. The company has won several medals in the Swedish Coffee Championships and wants to prove that specialised coffee may served on a larger scale. Barista strives to serve, to the extent possible, only Fairtrade and ecological products.

Every time a guest makes a purchase with the compostable reward card SEK 2 is donated to a school meal in Ethiopia. Barista, that holds a seat in the board of the Swedish UN Fund, has received several awards for its sustainability work, such as Änglamarkspriset 2013 and Bästa Miljöarbete 2012.

– Barista renews the coffee chain concept with its clear profile of high ethics and quality, says Tore Tolke, investing analyst at Industrifonden. The company is on its way to prove that an ethical business model based on Fairtrade and ecological products can be both sustainable and profitable.

The company plans an expansion, at first to attractive locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The goal is to within five years have established 50 units in the Nordic countries.

– With Industrifonden, an experienced and strong partner, we will be able to take the step from eager start up to an at least as eager but much more professional company, and to increase our rate of expansion, says Barista’s founder Björn Almér. We will also increase our efforts to strengthen our brand.

Among the private investors that are investing the entrepreneur Peter Connée, owner of Procivitas Gymnasieskolor, and the CEO of Indiska, Sofie Gunolf, will be appointed members of the board.

Moll Wendén advised Barista in relation to the rights issue. Moll Wendén’s team consisted of Martin Morén Jönsson and David Klose.


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