Johan Håkansson becomes new partner at Moll Wendén Law Firm

“We are very pleased to welcome Johan Håkansson as a new partner with access on January 1, 2019,” says Stefan Wendén, Managing Partner at Moll Wendén.

Johan has worked at Moll Wendén since 2014 and is part of the specialist group Entreprenad. He has several years of experience in representing and providing legal advice to both small local construction companies and major contracting and consulting companies as well as public clients. In addition, he has solid experience of business disputes within contracting and consulting law. Johan also lectures frequently in his area of expertise.

Why have you chosen to specialize in just contracting?

I started working with colleagues who were specialized in contracting. One can say that contracting chose me as much as I chose contracting. It is an amazingly fun and exciting area of law to deepen within also because in recent years contract law has developed through a number of guiding decisions by the Supreme Court. What is most fun about being specialized in contracting, is however, the meeting with driven clients and entrepreneurs – our community builders – and all the technicians within their organizations, when we jointly find the best solutions for the projects based on law and technology.

What is the best thing about Moll Wendén’s contracting group?

Elisabeth André, Zara Hellmark, Sara Lindh, Caroline Knutsson Lesinski and I are sharp business lawyers who are passionate about our specialist area. It is evident that we have fun at work and we are very nice to cooperate with.

I look forward to both developing and contributing further to Moll Wendén’s business.
Johan’s competence and genuine ways are especially appreciated by both our clients and our employees. Everyone at Moll Wendén wants to congratulate Johan and we look forward to our continued cooperation.