Join us at the first Term Sheet Battle in Sweden!

Are you raising money for your startup?
Learn the fundamentals of investor negotiations at this high energy event. Witness a (mock) live term sheet negotiation between an experienced entrepreneur and a professional investor.

Are you an active or potential investor?
Join this event to network with other seasoned investors and entrepreneurs.

What is a Term Sheet Battle?
A Term Sheet Battle is a live negotiation between a real investor and a real entrepreneur. Besides the investor and the entrepreneur a referee and the occasional expert will be on stage. We’re going to take the mystery out of what is mostly a closed and poorly understood process: the first negotiation about a ”term sheet”.

On stage
Hampus Jakobsson, business angel, strategist and Co-Founder of TAT ( The Astonishing Tribe) and
Carl Silbersky, business angel, investor and former CEO for Polar Rose.

Investor: Jimmy Fussing, Managing Partner of Sunstone

Referee: Brad Furber, US securities lawyer with great experience of deals on both sides of the table as well as a skilled organizer of Term Sheet Battles.

Moderator: David Klose, lawyer and partner at MOLL WENDÉN Law Firm.

Term Sheet Battle Malmö is organized by MOLL WENDÉN Law Firm, MINC and Startupbootcamp.

Practical information

Date: March 1. 2012, 5-8 pm.
Place: MOLL WENDÉN Law Firm, Stortorget 8, Malmö.

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