Moll Wendén at the JiA Fair in Lund, 20 October, 2016

At this year’s JiA Fair, which is part of the JiA Days in Lund event, you as a student have the opportunity to find out all about the Moll Wendén Academy Student.Moll_Wenden_Jia_2016_Poster_A3_4_3

We give students in the Faculty of Law in Lund the chance to apply for our exclusive training course in practical business law. You are eligible if you are in the final stages of your education (from term six) and are planning a career in business law.

The course lasts for one term starting in February, 2017.

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to prepare yourself for the future!

Venue: AF Borgen in central Lund (Sandgatan 2)

Questions answered by Thomas Ogard, lawyer at Moll Wendén Law Firm, e-post:

Please send in your application by December 1, 2016. And if you are in Lund on October 20, welcome to our booth!