MOLL WENDÉN multiple award-winning at the Law Firm of the Year Award 2011

MOLL WENDÉN law firm received two prizes at the Swedish Law Firm of the Year Award 2011 held in Stockholm December 5th. MOLL WENDÉN was announced winner in the categories Best communication of the firm’s offer and Trusted Advisor for mid-sized law firms. – This is what we all want to be – a trusted advisor and not just a supplier, says Ebba Walberg Snygg Lawyer and partner at MOLL WENDÉN. The honors are organized by Regi  which performs a yearly analysis of the industry resulting in the Law Firm of the Year Award.

For the award Trusted Advisor the participating clients had to rank what they thought was most important for an advisor. Ranked as number one was knowledge, followed by trust;  trust that the responsible lawyer is still working for the firm next year, being able to trust that the job is well carried out, and being able to trust that the firm have access to the required specialist. Commitment was another prioritized quality as well as availability. By availability the clients thought a broad know-how at the firm and an extensive network was important, as well as being available 24/7.

The honors Best communication of the firms offer was about – as the title indicates – how clear communication the clients thought the firms had.

– We naturally care a great deal about our clients. It is very important to have an open dialogue and that we really listen to the client. Frequent Checkpoints is a must-have in any project. For us it’s also a matter of being personal and to show passion. If you no longer feel commitment it’s time to quit, says Ebba.

Most law firms included in the survey are based in Stockholm.

– In a way it’s not only we at MOLL WENDÉN that should be proud of the announcements, but also the business community of Malmö. We are the only one of the law firms in the running which business is solely carried out from Malmö, says Ebba.

About the survey

This year’s survey included 1400 judgements from Swedish in-house legal counsels and other buyers of business law services.

The study shows that client satisfactory has generally improved. Another trend is that the customers are more willing to switch supplier.

In this year’s study Regi had also asked if it mattered whether the counselor in charge was male or female. The result indicates that the clients are slightly more satisfied when the responsible lawyer is a woman. 48% also felt that it’s problematic for the industry in general that there are so few female partners at the Law Firms.

Photo: Lars Nybom, Infotorg