Moll Wendén participating in Almedalen Week

Moll Wendén will participate in Almedalen Week from July 3 – July 10, 2016. As usual, the Almedalen Week will take place in Visby, Gotland. The purpose of our participation is for us to take the opportunity to attend our customers’ seminars and activities. Also by taking part of trends, tendencies and news relevant to our areas of expertise will create benefits for our customers.

The program consists of many interesting subjects and one of those is about the new joint initiative to prevent bribery and corruption between developers and employers in the publicly funded construction and real estate sector. Elisabeth André from Moll Wendén has assisted Veidekke Sverige AB in the negotiations regarding this new joint initiative.

Moll Wendén’s team on site consists of Thomas Ogard, Ulrica Dahlberg & Johan Håkansson and they will keep us informed during the entire week.

For further information contact:
Thomas Ogard, lawyer Moll Wendén. Mobile: + 46 736 36 55 10