Next generation takes over at Swedese Möbler AB


Elisabeth Johansson has owned and developed Swedese Möbler AB since 1999. Now, she has passed on the responsibility to her daughter, Anna Johansson, who has acquired the company.

Swedese Möbler AB has a good progression, and is in an interesting development phase. The company is growing and it feels natural to pass it on to the successive generation of control, so that the responsibility for the prospective of Swedese is stable and positive, says Elisabeth.

Anna Johansson, together with her cohabiting partner Julio Patino, is genuinely involved in the company since many years back, with a particular interest in design and quality furniture. Their vision for Swedese is to be a leading company that delivers sustainable products that make the customers proud and feel good. Together with Swedese’s board of directors, management and over 100 employees, the goal is to continue the company’s remarkable development that started 70 years ago in Vaggeryd, Småland.

“We are in the middle of a phase of taking the company to the next level and it feels reassuring and satisfactory with a long-term owner who wants to further develop the company”, says Sonnie Byrling, CEO of Swedese Möbler AB.

Moll Wendén has through Thomas Moll, Fanny Herbe and Henric Stråth assisted Swedese Möbler AB in the process of succession.