Passing the baton to a new generation of owners – innovative solutions and bank financing make it possible

During the summer Moll Wendén has been legal adviser in two deals where the ownership in companies has been transferred, instantly or gradually, to persons who since long are engaged in the business. In both cases the purchasers did not have financial resources to finance the entire acquisition by themselves. The participation of a bank and the sellers as co-financers in a well-balanced mix, made a successful transfer of ownership possible. The deals made it possible for the sellers to achieve a partial exit thereby securing part of their pension. At the same time the purchasers got the chance to acquire a business that they know by heart. Furthermore, the transactions have secured for the future business of the companies and the job opportunities.

From Moll Wendén’s side Anders Steén participated. Lars Andersson at Ekonomiservice, Lars Andersson has been financial adviser and Sparbanken Öresund has been the financing bank in both transactions.