Poolarna Clean AB acquires cleaning company

Poolarna Clean AB has acquired the cleaning unit of Poolarna AB. The acquired unit also supplies auxiliary services. The entire business now has roughly 50 employees, and will, through the acquisition, become a leading actor in the regional qualified cleaning market.

The man behind Poolarna Clean AB is Jovan Diec, previously the CEO of UltraClean i Malmö AB, as well as Tore Robertsson, active within Skyddsprodukter i Sverige AB. In 2013, Jovan Diec earned the distinction as ”Årets Jobbkomet” at the yearly entrepreneurship event ”Malmö Näringslivsgala”. The owner and CEO of Skyddsprodukter, Tore Robertsson, has previously been awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Malmö.

Moll Wendén has represented Poolarna Clean AB in the transaction through Martin Morén Jönsson as well as David Klose and Pernilla Dahlberg.

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