Stockforsa Invest strengthens its position in regional industrial business concern

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Through minority shareholder buyouts, the acquisition of Höörs Plåt as well as through new investments totalling 40 million SEK, Stockforsa Invest has strengthened and developed its ownership of an industrial business concern in Scania, which now has a turnover of half a billion SEK. Moll Wendén has represented Stockforsa Invest in the buyout of the minority shareholders in Cepa as well as in the acquisition of Höörs Plåt from Husqvarna.

Earlier today, Rapidus reported that the Malmö based industrial conglomerate Stockforsa Invest is now gathering the three subsidiary companies UDB Cleantech, Cepa Steeltech and Höörs Plåt under the same roof in Höör. During the past year, the owner, LG Håkansson, has strengthened his position as owner of the subsidiary companies of the business concern. The latest of these move being new investments totalling 40 million SEK into the contract manufacturer Cepa.

The relocation the companies was initiated this spring when LG Håkansson purchased the flagging Höörs Plåt from the mowing equipment manufacturer Husqvarna, who has largely moved its production to Poland.

-Through the purchase of Höörs Plåt, we gained access to a plant with large excess production capacity. UBD and Cepa had previously rented space in Svedala and Lund. Now however, we are able to gather all three companies in the same location, which enables substantial savings. The same is true for the management of the companies, LG Håkansson comments to Rapidus.

In all, Stockforsa Invest has a turnover of roughly half a billion SEK and 400 employees in Sweden and Poland. Of these, 90 works at Höörs Plåt. Last november, however, Höörs Plåt gave 30 employees a layoff notice.

UBD Cleantech has around 80 employees. UBD has developed a method of purifying diesel particulate filters for the automobile industry, thereby extending the filter life time. Automobile manufacturers such as Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen are among its customers. Before the end of the year, the facility will be relocated from Svedala to Höör. Around 40 employees are affected by the relocation.

–The next stage till be the relocation of Cepa, where I’m investing 40 million SEK in order to streamline production. The entire contract manufacturing business is under pressure from outsourcing. In response to this, we are investing in increased automation, says LG Håkansson.

During 2013, Håkansson has bought out several lesser shareholders in the subsidiary companies. In the summer of that year, buyouts took place in the dental lab Tic. Presently, buyouts have concerned shareholders in Cepa Steeltech, the takeover of which was completed recently.

–At the present, Stockforsa owns at least 90 percent of the shares in all subsidiaries. The rest is owned by members of the management, LG Håkansson comments.

The customers to Cepa Steeltech include several companies within ABB, Alfa Laval and Getinge.

This press release originated from Rapidus (Joel Lyth reporting).

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