Technology is the most human there is. To demonstrate this, the Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Moll Wendén and nine other companies, ordained the Technician of the Year prize.

The award is given to a technician who through his/her work has contributed to society’s development, while inspiring future technicians. It may, for example, be for creating a better environment, more jobs, better quality of life or a revolutionary invention. “Contributing to social development is totally in line with Moll Wendén’s business idea, where we, with the right law, want to create the best conditions for our clients to do good business,” says Martin Moren Jönsson.

The winners of this year’s Technician prizes are both from Lund. Tongyun Shen has been chosen as Technician of the Year and Sofie Woge as this year’s most promising technician._DSC8895

Researcher Tongyun Shen (second person from the left in the photo) has received the award for development of a seed treatment that makes plants germinate faster and more evenly without using genetic modification or chemical additives.

Sofie Woge (second person from the right in the picture) is an industrial designer and has been named as the most promising technician for development of a grip tool for the elderly and sick people who have lost the strength in their hands.

About the competition

The prize was founded in 2013 with the purpose of highlighting the importance of technology and rewarding a person who has shown that technology can make a big difference and contribute to positive change for people. In addition to the Chamber of Commerce and Moll Wendén, the prize is also backed by Alfa Laval, Bona AB, Chefspoolen, Deloitte, HMS, Ny Teknik, SEB and Trelleborg AB.

The winner is chosen through nominations and the prize winner receives a scholarship of 50 000 SEK plus a CSR cheque for the same amount to give to an optional project that promotes youth and education. The award ceremony took place at Malmö Börshus in connection with the autumn meeting of the Chamber of Commerce on December 1, 2016.