Termination due to personal reasons, at the HR Nordic

For the second time this year, Moll Wendén, PwC in Denmark and PwC Norway organized HR Nordic, a venue where Nordic HR issues are compared and analyzed. Almost 50 Nordic HR Managers attended the forum in September with the agenda “Termination due to personal reasons”.

Ebba Walberg Snygg, lawyer and head of the HR law group at Moll Wendén, and one of the promoters of HR Nordic: “We recognized a lack of forums for Nordic HR issues. There are numerous companies who have a Nordic HR Manager who needs to understand the differences between the Nordic countries’ labor laws. We need to share knowledge, increase understanding of the differences between the countries, but also to share experiences with others who have similar challenges. After having taken part of the evaluation from HR Nordic in September I can conclude that the participants confirm that we have succeeded in filling this particular need. This makes me really pleased “ says Ebba.

The set-up of evolves and develops continuously, based on the feedback from the participants. But the basic idea is that participants listen to an interactive lecture on labor law legislation and practices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Thereafter the participants are divided into groups and assigned a number of cases. The theme in September was “termination due to personal reasons”. The workshop gave rise to lively discussions and many experiences were shared.

HR Nordic is scheduled twice a year, and next time will be in early 2014.

For more information about HR Nordic and HR law, please contact:
Ebba Walberg Snygg, partner at Moll Wendén Law Firm
+46 40 665 65 16, ebba.walbergsnygg@mollwenden.se