The company group Lotorp has acquired KVE Kvartselektronik AB

The company group Lotorp has acquired all shares in KVE Kvartselektronik, which company is, in the Nordics, the leading supplier of quartz components to the electronics industry. Lars Weibull AB was the financial adviser of the seller and Moll Wendén assisted the seller with legal advice.

KVE is one of the oldest suppliers to the electronic industry in the Nordics and was founded during the 1950s. KVE has a unique combination of broad competence and a well-developed cooperation with leading foreign suppliers, allowing the company to offer its customers a complete selection of products within quartz components.  KVE is conducting its business through its subsidiary in Finland, which, after Sweden, is the second largest market within the electronics industry. KVE conducts sales to customers outside the Nordics.

The company group Lotorp is an industry and trade group that acquires, manages, and develops on a long-term basis middle-sized companies. Måns Nermark, the new president of the board of directors of KVE comments the affaire:

“We’re very happy that the company group Lotorp has been given the opportunity to acquire a well-maintained and successful company in an exciting industry.”

“I’m looking forward to continue to lead and develop KVE and we’re very happy to be given a new long-term and stabile partner as an owner. KVE’s daily business is not affected by the change in ownership and will continue on just as before” Per Svensson, CEO at KVE, comments.

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