The Conference mingles at Moll Wendén

Image courtesy: David Klose, Moll Wendén. More images can be found here

For the third year in a row, the Media Evolutions conference ”The Conference” takes place during the festivities of Malmöfestivalen. Speakers and participants got to know each other while mingling at Moll Wendén.

This year, the ambition is to give more attention to the dynamic media and innovation companies of Malmö and the rest of the region. After a day of tours and company visits around the region, around 80 participants finished Monday evening by mingling at the gathering as well as attending the – by now classic – crayfish party at the offices of Moll Wendén at Stortorget. From its balcony, the attendees could enjoy listening to Karin Karlsson’s vision for the future of Malmö, The Avett Brothers and Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 when performing at the grand stage of Malmöfestivalen.

”Stortorget still is the heart of Malmö in many ways – and the pharmacy building [home to the offices of Moll Wendén] is arguably one of the most traditionalistic of the building surrounding the square. The Conference is indeed focused on the future – but it also connects to the history of Malmö. Media Evolution has an important role to play regarding the development of the new Malmö and how the city is to be regarded by the outside world. As an active member of the business community, it is a privilege as well as a matter of course to take part as a link between the traditional and new Malmö” says David Klose, partner at Moll Wendén.

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