The pharmaceutical company Bactiguard establish in Eslöv

The pharmaceutical company Bactiguard has entered into an agreement with Eslövs Industrifastigheter AB (Eifab), concerning the company’s establishment in Eslöv. Bactiguard plans to concentrate its business to Eslöv which in the long run could mean 100-150 new job openings in Eslöv. With help from Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Göran Hägglund, the first dig in the ground was made towards Bactiguards new construction on June 9, 2010. Moll Wendén has assisted Eifab with legal counseling in connection with the agreement between the parties.

Moll Wendéns team consisted of the lawyers Stefan Wendén, Martin Jönsson and David Klose.

Pressrelease from Eslöv