Victory for MKB

The dispute between MKB and Rimp AB (former Fiberdata AB) has its origin in Fiberdata AB’s delivery of equipment to MKB’s broadband network between 2000 abd 2002. MKB cancelled the agreement with Fiberdata AB and claimed damages for the loss MKB had suffered. During the process, Fiberdata AB has changed name to Rimp AB and sold the business to antoher company. No known business is run by Rimp AB today. The company is a subsidiary to the listed company HiFab Group AB (publ.) (former Thalamus).

Malmö District Court found that MKB was entitled to cancel the agreement and to claim damages. Rimp AB shall therefore immediately pay 27 017 219 SEK as well as interest and legal costs to MKB. In total, MKB’s claim amounts to 45 000 000 SEK as of the day of the verdict. MKB has applied for immediate execution of the verdict.